CHAMPAGNE is made from a blend of mainly three different grape varieties: CHARDONNAY (white grape) PINOT NOIR and PINOT MEUNIER (red grapes). Each grape adds different characteristics to the product.

Based on the type of grapes used for the blend we can distinguish:

Based on the sugar that is added to the Champagne before the cork is placed in the bottle, we can distinguish:

Region and Climate

Champagne is a FRENCH PRODUCT and its region is located in the north-east of France near Paris. This is the only place in the world where Champagne is made.

This area is influenced by a dual climate: OCEANIC CLIMATE and CONTINENTAL CLIMATE

These climatic conditions are also beneficial for the vines in many ways: during the summer is plenty of sunshine and there is moderate rainfall throughout the year.

Taste and Aromas

The producer creates the Champagne's individual AROMAS by selecting and blending different grape varieties but these aromas evolve during the time.

AGEING is a slow and continuous process that can last for many years. The AROMA of Champagne evolves throughout this process.

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