Most WINES are made with grapes but they can be made also with other fruits like apples, if not specified on the label the wine is made with grapes.

The process to produce wine is called FERMENTATION:

Many factors influence a wine's character like the WINE REGION, the METHODS OF PRODUCTION, the COLOUR and VARIETY OF GRAPES, the CLIMATE and SOIL.

There are two types of grapes wine is made from WHITE GRAPES (green coloured) and BLACK GRAPES (red coloured) and with these two types of grapes we can make hundreds of varieties and blends of wine.

Wine Apellattions

An APPELLATION is how a nation categorises its wine with a legally defined and protected geographical indication (identifying the place and the terroir of the wine). The rules about appellations usually depend on the producing country but in the European Union, there are interstate agreements. In 2011 the old categories were replaced by:

In Italy, there are four official wine classifications and are:

According to the regulations a WINE LABEL has to provide some specific information:

Wine Tasting

The steps to taste correctly a wine are:

Food and Wine Matching

There are three main principles for matching correctly food and wine:

The key principle to matching food and wine is to find a balance between tastes, to reach this goal you can use these guidelines:

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