SPIRITS tend to have a higher alcohol than other alcoholic beverages. There are multiple types of spirits and each of them has its own distinctive taste. The main spirits are:

In American English LIQUOR is the word for spirits.

The Distillation Process

All spirits go through two procedures FERMENTATION (a process where alcohol is created) and DISTILLATION (a process where the alcohol is separated and removed). 

The distillation is used to reach the higher alcohol content in a spirit. The steps of these process are:

The Liqueurs

LIQUEURS are strong, sweet alcoholic drinks flavoured with fruits, herbs or spices. they are usually drunk on their own after a meal, used in desserts and coffees or combined in cocktails. The most common liqueurs are:

HERBAL LIQUEURS are known in Italy as "BITTERS" and are made of herbs, the most common are:

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