...History of Alcohol...

Nobody knows exactly when humans began to create fermented beverages but ancient people made alcohol from whatever crops and plants grew where they lived.

Almost every region of the globe had its own fermented drinks (like SAKE in Japan fermented from rice).

When alcohol became part of everyday life peoples concentrated onto effects they perceived as positive

The Ancient Alcoholic Beverages

The first discovery of BREWING was when a chimpanzee discovered some overripe plums and began to hallucinate. The yeasts inside the plums ate the sugars turning them into ETHANOL an alcohol.

Ancient fermented beverages had a relatively low alcohol content at around 13% ABV. When DISTILLATION was discovered it helped make alcoholic beverages much stronger and more concentrated.

At first, SPIRITS were used for medical purposes but soon they became very important. During the age of exploration, they played a crucial role in long-distance voyages for keeping water fresh longer and killing microbes.

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